Thursday, November 29, 2012

Celebrity Sightings

 I'm linking up with Holly and Erin today for their Celebrity Sightings Link-Up!


I have met several celebrities, some well known, some not so well known. I'll start with the most well known. Someone everyone knows and loves!

Justin Timberlake. Thats right, I met Justin Timberlake!

My best friend Carley, got her dad to get us front row tickets and back stage passes to one of his concerts in Chicago back in 2003!! To say that we were beyond excited would be an understatement! We drove up to Chicago from St. Louis and stayed in a hotel in the city for 2 nights. He performed at the United Center along with Christina Aguilera and The Black Eyed Peas. Carley and I and several other girls with backstage passes, got to tour everything backstage and then he came out and played a song for us on his piano. We then got to say hi, take pictures with him and we all got a pre-signed autographed picture of him. My friend even asked him for a kiss, (thats when the body guard stepped in and said move along, Ha!)

Here we are with Justin Timberlake.

This happened to be while JT was dating Cameron Diaz. While we were standing there in the front row of the concert, someone noticed off to the side of the stage that Cameron Diaz was standing there. She was wearing a camouflage hat, I guess so noone would notice her. We snapped a picture but it was kind of far away.

My friend Carley and I, met many celebrities together. We were in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, you may remember him from the 90's sitcom Home Improvement. :-) Well in May of 1995, Carley's mom (the sweetheart that she is) drove us all the way to Mooresville, AL to try and meet him. He was on the set of Tom and Huck. We had researched that he would be there filming the movie and on a whim, Carley's mom said she'd drive us down there to try and meet him. It was a long shot, but we succeeded. ☺ I still can't believe it. Everyone back home said we'd never meet him, but we did! Mooresville is a very old and small town. They were filming the graveyard scene that night and were back in the woods, all barricaded off where noone could see them. We saw signs saying thats where they were shooting and waited and waited for them to drive past us. As we were waiting, we met another set of girls who had the same idea. ☺ We thought we were the only crazy ones but apparently not. While we were waiting we saw one of the crew members riding a bike, we stopped him and asked him if he could take a note back to see if JTT would come out and meet us. I'm not sure if this worked or not but at around 2 a.m., a car drove up and Jonathan Taylor Thomas got out of the car to meet us and sign autographs for us! We were speechless. Ha!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas' co-star in that movie, Brad Renfro (who later died in 2008), also came out and signed autographs for us. It was such a fun night! We could hardly eat for a couple of days after that. Ha.

Then later that year, Zachery Ty Bryan (Jonathan Taylor Thomas' older brother on Home Improvement) came to St. Louis to sign autographs at our Fourth of July Fair.

Here he is speaking at the fair!

Then the latest celebrity sighting, and probably the least-known in the blogger world, was while Jake and I were on our honeymoon in Hawaii back in July of 2007. I'm sure if any of your husbands are sports fans, they will know who this is. Jake spotted Chris Berman, while we were at a restaurant eating dinner one night. He was there having dinner as well. He's a famous sportscaster on ESPN. As Chris Berman got up from his dinner to leave, Jake asked if he could take a quick picture with him and he said sure. ☺ He was very nice.

So those are all of my celebrity sightings! I can't wait to read about all of the rest of the celebrity sightings in this link-up.

***I just remembered that I also met Hulk Hogan's ex-wife. We were having dinner at Lotawata Creek one night and Hulk Hogan, his wife at the time, son and a couple other guys came in the restaurant to have dinner. (They must have been in St. Louis for some event I guess.)They were leaving at around the same time we were leaving and my aunt stopped his wife to say hi. She was very nice. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture or an autograph, so you'll just have to take my word for it. :-)


Jessica K said...

Dang you are one lucky girl to have met Justin Timberlake!! He is so cute! :) I live in St. Louis, so its nice to see someone else close to me! You can check my blog out at:


Shannon said...

Loooooooooove this. It cracks me up. I, too, may have been a little celebrity crazy on occasion.

And your outfit from the JT picture was something I would have worn in 2003 too...maybe with a ribbon tied around my neck. Ha.

Jennifer P. said...

Seriously, is this real life!? How friggin awesome is that!! I'm trying to think if I have any celebrity encounters and I am coming up blank. I'm so living vicariously through you right now! :)

kkasun said...

So cool!!!!! You have a ton!

I would have loved to meet Chris Berman!!!!! But I love football, Justin Timberlake would have been pretty cool too!

Kristen said...

I was SO IN LOVE with Jonathan Taylor Thomas!!!! I remember sending in a little card from a magazine to receive and autographed pic in the mail...which I'm sure was legit! lol....I'm sure your hubs was thrilled to meet Chris Berman as much as he loves football! That's awesome!

Shelli said...

I'm more excited that you met JTT that J-Timberlake. Ha! JTT was the bomb (dot) com! I can't believe we all worshiped him and he had a chili bowl haircut. HA!

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

AGH!!! You are like the celebrity mama... LOL.. I love this. That JT shot is awesome. Loved reading this.

Kimmyyy83 said...

JTT!1! Yes I love it. Wow I am not as cool as any of you people, I think I need to get out more!

Sara said...

Hahaha! I love this! From JT to Hulk Hogan's ex-wife! :) So random and funny. I'm such a loser and haven't really met anyone super famous. Well, unless Ellie Kemper counts. I've also seen Vanna White and Jenny McCarthy. And sat at a bar in NY airport next to Dan Marino.

JMc said...

Oh this is great! You had some serious 90s kid dreams come true! lol I love JTT too haha

Becky said...

Holy Moly... Justin Timberlake? I am so jealous! Now Chris Berman on the other hand. He...Drives...Me...Nuts....

Brandy said...

Aww!! JTT & Brad Renfro! I had a crush on both which is why that movie remains a favorite of mine! Haha. So lucky!
Very awesome about the other too!!


♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Oh hell! I am soooooooooooooooooooo jealous! ...and the whole JTT thing would have been something that I would have done! PS I find it heelarious that he is shorter than all ya'll in the pics! hahahahaha

Shesabigstar said...

I mean, I'm not bitter or jealous AT ALL that you met Justin. Nope, I mean why would I be? I just spent four months going through his garbage and you got your picture with him and had front row tickets to his show. CLEARLY I'm the winner here.

Also? Clearly I'm full of shit and am sooo envious!!! LOVE your pic!

Thanks so much for linking up!

Liz said...

Amy, you have led a charmed life....but if you ever meet Ryan Gosling without me, I might have to hate you a little! ;-)

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

Wow, those are some great stories to tell! What fun memories :)

Jennifer P. said...

Hey Amy! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster award! I hope you'll check it out... and feel free to pass it on :)

Take care, girl!

Holly said...

Justin Timberlake and JTT??

That is like the dream team for teeny boppers! Oh my gosh.

You win... A few people even agree with me. :)