Monday, October 29, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

Once a week, my sister's family, my family and my Papa all go over to my Parents' house for dinner. Last week, we had dinner and then carved pumpkins. My mom had picked up a pumpkin for each of the kids. Unfortunately, my sister's oldest son, Landon, slept through dinner and pumpkin carving. We tried waking him up, but he just wasn't having it. Ha. So my sister carved his pumpkin for him. He is being the Incredible Hulk for Halloween this year, so she carved him into Landon's pumpkin. Then my BIL, Jason, carved owls into Mason's pumpkin and I carved a Mickey Mouse head into Jackson's. :-) Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Jackson and I with his pumpkin.

Mason with his pumpkin.

Mason and Jackson with their pumpkins.

Daddy keeping Jackson occupied while Mommy carved the pumpkin. ☺

My BIL Jason and my Sister Ashlee, carving pumpkins.

The pumpkins all carved for Halloween. ☺


Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

WOW you guys have some mad carving pumpkin skills, for real. Those are awesome. I love the boys wore matching outfits - so cute:)

Shannon said...

Pretty sweet carving!! I also love that you have a weekly tradition of eating dinner with your mom.

Holly said...

Those are awesome pumpkins! I love the owls! :) And that picture of Mason alone laughing is soooo good. We're looking forward to seeing you guys this week!

Our Family of Four said...

So cute.. good job on the pumpkins too!

stephanievarno said...

Your pumpkins look awesome!! I was lazy this year and didn't even carve our pumpkin.