Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

♥ Today I'm loving that I finally bought a new ESV Bible! I ordered it on Amazon and am awaiting its arrival. I have an NIV version, however our church now reads out of the ESV version and I had really needed to buy a new bible to make it easier to follow along. I love the color. :-)

♥ I'm loving that I created what I think is going to be Jackson's 1st birthday party invitation. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. :-) What do you guys think?

♥ I'm loving that Holly and I have decided to host another blog link-up. We thought it would be fun to get to know all of our blog friends a little better by doing a "day in the life" post, documenting our average week day. I'm so excited. :-) Be sure to come back next Tuesday and link up with us. Her husband is going to make us a fun button for the link up so you will be able to add that to your post. Speaking of her husband, he just re-did her blog and it looks great. You should check it out. He's offering his services if any of you are interested in a new blog design.

♥ I'm loving that Fall is just around the corner. Though, I'm sad to see Summer coming to an end, I do enjoy Fall and am excited to take Jackson apple picking and to the pumpkin farm and to enjoy spending time with family.

♥ I'm loving that my sweet Libby girl is feeling better now that shes on medication. I took her to the vet a couple weeks ago because she had been limping on her back leg. Come to find out, she has arthritis at only 7 years old. The Dr. put her on Rimadyl and its made a huge difference.

Libby at the Vet a couple weeks ago.

♥ I'm loving this video of Jackson. I know I posted it yesterday, but its just so stinkin cute!!!

♥ I'm loving this new toothpaste. I haven't noticed that its made my teeth whiter, but it leaves them feeling so nice and clean.

♥ And as always, I'm loving my wonderful family. ☺


Trish said...

i love your invite. it's toooo cute!


Kate said...

stopping by on the WILW blog hop! Your blog is so cute and your baby is precious! Also, love your new Bible! I have one really similar and the ESV is my fav :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Your invite turned out great! My friend just did a mickey mouse clubhouse themed 1st birthday for her twins--a boy and girl. It turned out so cute! There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest (if you're looking for more).

Shannon said...

Those invitations are awesome! Just love them. :)

What a lucky boy.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I love the invite. Its too dang cute! You did a great job on them :)

agalandherdog said...

The invite is adorable!

Holly said...

Thanks for the shout out, Amy! :)

Our blog link up will be fun, I hope a lot of our readers participate.

And Jackson's invitation is really cute. I know his party will be a big hit!

Holly said...

The invitation you designed for Jackson's party is absolutely adorable! You did an awesome job!

Katie said...

Aww you're doing a Mickey party too! What a cute little man you have:)

stephanievarno said...

That video is so stinkin' cute! Your son's laugh is adorable!

Alexis said...

Melt my heart! That video is the cutest and I love his outfit! I look for cute mickey cloths everywhere. Crewe love that show!

Oh and I feel you on fall. It is time for the cooler weather!