Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jackson is 23 Weeks Old!

I'm very late posting this, but Jackson turned 23 weeks old last Thursday.

This past week we tried many new foods because he wouldn't take his bottle due to an ear infection. We tried oatmeal, peaches, pears, applesauce, and green beans. It took him a little while to come around to the fruits, but he did end up liking them. He's still not too sure about the green beans yet.

He's rolling all around now and is really pushing off on his feet to try and crawl. He was pulling on his play-mat and moved forward just a couple inches so he's definitely close to army crawling.

His core is getting really strong and he's sitting supported very well. If he had better balance he would be sitting unsupported very well. He just can't seem to stay upright, but definitely has the strength to do it.

He's wanting to roll over no matter where he is now. In his swing, bouncy seat, bed, everywhere! So we have to strap him in now if he's in some kind of seat. :-)

He laughs at everything. He thinks Daddy is especially funny, but he will laugh at almost anyone or anything. He has such a cute laugh, very contagious. I love it!

He is really starting to notice the dogs and cat. He really likes it when the cat jumps up by him and meows. He will talk back to the cat. Its super cute. He also likes when Max comes over and gives him kisses. :-)

At the Dr. the other day he weighed 18 pounds 4 ounces!! He's a big boy for only 5 months old. :-) I love his chubby cheeks and the rolls in his legs. So cute!

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Holly said...

Jackson is looking more and more like a Smith Bros. :) Such a cutie pie. I'm so happy that he is feeling better. You're such a good mom, Amy!