Thursday, April 26, 2012

Embrace the Camera

Its Thursday, and time for Embrace the Camera

I'm linking up with Emily at The Anderson Crew for Embrace the Camera.

Embrace the Camera is where you'll take a picture of YOU with your kids, spouse, friends, etc. The point of embrace the camera is to get in front of the camera and to document a bit of yourself.
While we were doing our little photo shoot with the boys on Monday, I asked my sister to take a few pictures of Jackson and I. We got a couple cute ones, so I thought I'd share them for "Embrace the Camera"


Melissa said...

Love this! You can tell Jackson loves Mama :)

Holly said...

The first one is my favorite. I love how you edited the image and made the colors pop out!

Amy Lee said...

so so sweet! we just took a few last week and the other day i posted an almost identical shot of tossing baby in the air! might be our new favorite thing! Eli loves it. Looks like Jackson does too!

SECPumpkin said...

love the one of you lifting your baby sweet!