Monday, February 27, 2012

Jackson is 18 Weeks Old!

Jackson is 18 weeks old and getting so big. He's sleeping in his crib now all night, only waking up once to eat. After he eats, he always goes right back to sleep in his crib. I lay him down in his crib (awake) and within a minute or two he's right back to sleep. He's such a good boy when it comes to sleeping. He usually goes to sleep between 8 and 9. This sleeping schedule is working out great for us. ☺

He's been spitting up quite a big lately. I thought adding rice cereal was going to do the trick, but it only seemed to ease up for a few days after starting the cereal and now its just progressively gotten worse and worse over the last couple weeks. I called the doctor again today because he's even been crying with the spitting up a little bit and the doctor said for me to try him on soy formula. So I bought a can to try this evening, but haven't had a chance to give it to him yet. He will start on that tomorrow and we'll see how it goes. He has a doctor appointment Friday afternoon, so I'll talk to the doctor again then to see how the soy formula is going and we'll go from there. I really hope it helps.

Other than that, he's doing really well. He gets a little crabby every now and again (probably from teething), but other than that he's mostly a happy baby! He smiles and laughs out loud all the time! He's such a cutie.

Here's his 18 week picture! All Smiles.

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