Monday, January 30, 2012

Jackson is 14 Weeks Old!

Jackson turned 14 weeks old this past Thursday. He has had his hands in his mouth constantly these last couple weeks and I couldn't keep them out for his 14 week photo shoot. Not sure if he's beginning the teething stage or what, but he sure does love his hands right now. He's started looking at his hands too. He'll just stare at them, its so cute! He also started grabbing at stuff this passed week, and he still loves blowing raspberries. He'll look at me and blow one just to get me to blow one back at him. Then he'll give me a big smile. Its sooo cute! He's such a happy baby and we just can't give him enough kisses. I said its a wonder he doesn't have chapped cheeks with all the kisses he gets. His chubby little cheeks are just so irresistible. ☺

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