Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays.

Here's what I'm loving on Pinterest this week.

 I really want to make something like this to hang in my home.

I'm thinking about making a collage wall in our living room, with lots of pictures and things that mean something to us as a family. I saw this on Pinterest just yesterday and thought it would be cool to try and make. She typed out the lyrics to the song that was playing during their first dance at their wedding, then she cut it out in the shape of a tree, (which I could do using my cricut). She then added the 2 hearts and in another picture I saw, she added the couples initials to the hearts.

This is an example of a picture wall collage that I'd like to do in my living room. I have a bigger wall, so I'll probably add more to it.

I really love this quote.

I'd like to take all these pictures of Jackson and arrange them in a frame for our collage wall.

 This is something else I thought would be cool in a frame for our wall.

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Nancy said...

I love all of these ideas! So glad you shared!