Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jackson's Dedication - November 20th, 2011

Jackson was dedicated exactly one month after the day he was born. Our pastor, who performed my dedication 30 years ago, performed Jackson's dedication as well. :-) It was a special day, and we were blessed to be surrounded by our family and church friends.

Jake, Jackson and I surrounded by our family during the ceremony.

Our pastor praying over us.

Our pastor, praying over Jackson.

Our pastor,  holding Jackson.

My mom, looking at Jackson after the dedication.

Jake's Aunt and Uncle, looking at Jackson after the dedication.

Jackson with all of his cousins on Jake's side of the family.

Jackson with all of his cousins on both mine and Jake's side of the family.

19 years ago,when my Aunt Karla and Uncle Mark had their first son, Travis, they received a dedication outfit as a gift from a woman in our church. They later, had another son, Tyler, who also wore the same outfit to be dedicated. When my sister had Landon, he wore the outfit to be dedicated 4 years ago and then Jackson wore it 2 weeks ago as well. This is a picture of all the boys who have worn the outfit.

Jake, Jackson and I after the dedication.

Jake, his mom, Jackson and I.

My Papa Reg (my Mom's dad), my parents, my sister and her family and Jake, Jackson and I.

Jackson after his dedication.

Jackson and I. :-)

A close up of Jackson in the dedication outfit.

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