Wednesday, August 3, 2011

29 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 29 Weeks.

Size of Baby: The baby weighs 2 1/2 pounds now (like a butternut squash) and is about 15 inches from head to heal.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: For the last few months I've gained 6 lbs. a month, July was no different. So now I'm up to 24 lbs. of weight gain since the beginning. I'm hoping the next couple months don't follow that trend.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, all maternity clothes.

Gender: Its a BOY!! Jackson Thomas Smith

Movement: Yes!! His movements seem bigger now, like he's actually rolling around in there rather than just a jab or kick.

Food Cravings: Pasta and sweets.

What I miss: Sleeping well.

Sleep: Still not sleeping very well these days. Just can't seem to get comfortable. I've also been getting a lot of leg cramps in my calves. I talked to my Dr. about it and she suggested eating a banana before bed every night. So I've been doing that for the last week or so. It seems to be helping some. 

Symptoms: I'm still having this pain under my right ribs, but thankfully that seems to be feeling a little better. I've also been really tired lately and don't really feel like doing much of anything. I'm thinking this extreme heat might be playing a roll in feeling so tired too. 

Best Moment this week: Getting Jackson's room painted.

What I am looking forward to: Putting together Jackson's dresser and crib tonight. My parents are coming over to help!


Holly said...

Great picture! And don't worry about the weight gain too much... You always gain the most with your first baby! :)

Amy said...

Thanks Holly. :-)