Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Landscaping

This past Saturday, Jake and I were able to get out in our yard and start a landscaping project we've been wanting to do for a long time. We have 4 trees in our front yard that the previous owners had put mulch around. However, by the time we bought the house, it was already in dire need of re-mulching and 4 years later we've finally gotten around to it. We got two of the 4 trees done and hope to get the other 2 done sometime soon. We had several bricks left over from our brick patio we put in last year, so we not only mulched around the trees, but made a little barrier around the trees with the bricks. Here are a couple pictures of the trees we landscaped around.

The centerpieces at my birthday party had real tulips in them, so I kept them in soil until I could plant them and was able to plant them here on the corner of our yard. The flowers have all fell off and soon I should be able to pull the dead stems away from the bulb and wait for them to come back pretty next Spring. I'd also like to get a couple yard ornaments of some kind to put in this landscaping to spruce it up a bit.

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