Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Party 2011

Well our Super Bowl party was a success this year!! We had about 22 people over and we all had a great time!!! We had TONS of great food. I even tried a new, easy recipe which I'll post later. I had everything cleaned up and put back together, the dishes in the dishwasher and ready for bed before midnight... so thats what I call a success!! Here are a few pictures...

The food table with lots and lots of food on it!

The counter with more food and drinks on it.

Watching the game.

Landon and I watching the Puppy Bowl upstairs.

Cupcakes that my sister made and decorated for the party!!


Haven's Mom said...

The food was so yummy!!! Thanks for having us over. I wish I could have stayed longer.

LuvinmyLabs said...

Holly, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing you guys again in a couple of weeks at Haven's B-day party!