Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Cleaning...

I'm feeling much better now and was even able to get some winter cleaning done around the house yesterday. It always seems like during the Christmas holiday my house gets so messy and unorganized. We're so busy with family gatherings and church functions that we don't have much time for staying on top of the household chores. My husband drove to Kansas City with my Bro.-in-law for the Chiefs/Ravens playoff game yesterday morning, (unfortunately they didn't come home with a win), but since I was home all afternoon by myself, I was able to get a lot done around the house. My main goal was to pack away all the Christmas stuff, which I was able to accomplish... all accept getting rid of the tree. I needed Jake's help for that, so hopefully we can get that out tonight. I was also able to re-organize the storage area of our basement and the hall closet. Both get unorganized so easily, so every few months I have to re-organize them. It feels good to have all that done. I was also able to get the family room, my craft room, the kitchen/dining room and the living room all cleaned up. So between tonight and the remainder of the week I really want to get the bedrooms and bathroom clean, get new sheets on our bed, which I just bought on Friday, :-) and try to clean out the fridge and the kitchen cabinets. I just love a clean house and I can't wait to have the house completely back to normal. :-)

The kitchen/dining room back to normal after the holidays. :-)

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