Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hunter is actually our oldest dog, but we got him after Libby. When Jake and I got married, we wanted to get a friend for Libby. We weren't really looking yet, but a co-worker of my husband's was needing to find a new home for her male lab mix. He was around 4 or 5 years old at the time, housebroken and already neutered. He was perfect for us because we weren't really wanting to train a puppy and he needed a home.

So on July 26th, 2007, just a couple weeks after getting married, my husband brought Hunter home to live with us. :-) He was a perfect fit. It did take him some time to get used to going inside, as he had been an outside dog for the most part. He didn't like the laminate floors or the stairs, but it didn't take him too long to get used to the life of an inside dog.

Now he's a big couch potato and thinks hes a lap dog, even though he's about 85 lbs. LOL. We think he might be a Lab/Great Dane mix, but we've never had him tested to see for sure. He's such a loveable dog. He's happiest when he's up in our bed, right in between Jake and I, with his head laying on one of us, getting a belly rub. He's definitely a gentle giant and we love him so much. Here are a few pictures of Hunter. :-)

The day we brought Hunter home.

Hunter, laying on Jake.

Hunter, all curled up in a little ball. So cute.

Hunter the couch potato.

Hunter laying on the dog bed. :-)

Hunter out in our back yard. I just love this picture of him.

My nephew Landon was over one Sunday afternoon and was laying on our futon downstairs, which is typically where Hunter likes to lay. While Landon was watching a movie, Hunter got up there and layed down with him. It was too cute.

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Melissa said...

That is a great picture of Hunter out in the yard! I love reading your stories about your babies. What a great thing you have done rescuing these wonderful dogs!