Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our House ~ Back Yard

Yesterday I posted the front yard, so today I'll show you the back yard. We did a lot of work to it this year, which I've showed you a lot of. We added a patio, and fixed up the playground that was already there. We also got some patio furniture. There is more work I'd like to do to our back yard, like adding some landscaping and some stepping stones from one patio to the other and I'd love to have a privacy fence in place of the chain link fence, but all in due time.

The stone paver patio we put in this past spring. When we bought the house, we didn't have the garage, so there was no door there originally. It was just all open to the street, which wouldn't work with having dogs. So my dad built us the garge to close the yard in and to of course, keep a car in. It worked out great. I still need to get some better chairs for back here and I'd like to put a couple flower pots on the patio as well.

This is to the left of the back door patio. Like I said bfore we live on a corner lot, so our back yard is kinda "L" shaped. This slab of concrete was there when we bought the house. I'm assuming its for a shed, but since we have a garage and a basement, I didn't feel like we needed a shed, so I thought it would be better suited as a second patio. I'd love to get one of those screened-in canopies to put over it. We were able to get the patio furniture for free from someone at our church that wasn't using it anymore. I'd also like to put in some stepping stones from the back door patio going to this patio and some lights. But that will also have to wait til next spring.

Here is a picture of the whole back portion of our back yard. Hunter made it into this picture too, LOL :-)

This is our big oak tree right off to the right of the back door. Its great for shade, but horrible for yard waste. It drops lots of acorns and branches. I'd really like to put some landscaping bricks around the trunk and put some mulch around it. Thats a project for next spring too, most likely.

This is a picture of one of my flowers in the hanging basket by the oak tree.

Here is a picture of the side part of our back yard. Standing behind the oak tree.

Here is our playground. I posted a lot of pictures of this as I was working on it this past spring. When we moved in, it was just the wood part with one swing. The mulch and everything was there, but was not in good shape. So I pulled out all the old mulch and plastic underneath and put in all new. I also added new swings and found a great deal on the slide on craigslist. It looks a lot better now and my nieces and nephews enjoy it. I would like to get a new canopy to go over the top too.

Then this picture is of the right side of our back yard. It runs along side the garage.

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