Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our 3 Year Wedding Anniversary

Today is mine and Jake's 3 year wedding anniversary. Its hard to believe its been 3 years already and even harder to believe we've actually been together for 9 years. We started dating on July 5th, 2001. We dated off and on during that time but never dated anyone else when we weren't together. And then 6 years later we got married!!! It was such a wonderful day for both of us. We were blessed to have all of our family and friends there. Here are a few pictures from our wedding day and I've scrapbooked our wedding as well, and all of those pages are in previous blog posts.

We had a beach themed wedding, and my dad built this for us to be married under. My mom decorated it. I really wanted to be married on the beach, but we have so many friends and family that wouldn't have been able to attend a wedding at the beach, so we just had a beach themed wedding in Missouri and we spent our honeymoon on the beach in Hawaii!!

The wedding party along with our pastor.

Jake and I with our parents.

Jake and I with our Grandparents.

Jake and I releasing 2 white doves after the ceremony!!

Jake and I cutting our cake.

Jake and I dancing at our reception!! Another one of my favorite pictures from our wedding day.

And here we are in Maui on our honeymoon!!